Robinco Swiss Investment is a Swiss company, dedicated to financial and legal advice.

With more than 20 years of experience,

Robinco Swiss Investment selects for its clients, the most suitable and efficient Independent Assets Managers, so that its clients can receive the best treatment in terms of financial advice, always guided by professional and ethical standards that make our difference.

We also have an "Asset Recovery" cell that aims to help its clients recover poorly managed assets (not respecting the management mandate) by banks and financial advisors.

We act in cases of "White Collar Crime" and "Asset Recovery", being our main expertice, the financial markets of Switzerland and Western Europe. The main law firms in Geneva, Zurich and Lugano collaborate with us.

In addition, we work with the most important fiduciaries and law firms to be able to offer the best advice, in a more dynamic and effective way for our clients.

We are the "Watch Dogs" that our clients need, always being ready to look after the interests of our clients and theirs.

“We dont only care about your assets, most importantly, we care about you and your family”



Zone Industrielle Moulin du Choc "C" 1122 Romanel sur Morges Suisse

tel: +41 21 633 77 46

fax: +41 21 633 78 86

cel: +41 79 963 35 79